Tokishi Mino-ware tradition Indutrial hall

Mino-ware tradition Indutrial hall is located in Kujiri Area(Toki-city,GIFU),where has a glorious cultural heritage,known as the cradle of Mino-ware.This hall was built in order to protect Mino-ware and its culture;to grow the production of Mino-ware;to support local potters.We exhibit/sale variety of traditional/modern Mino-ware works made by local potters.We also have a studio where you can try making potteries or drawing on unglazed potteries for you to make your original work.

Open hours 9:00~16:30
Days closed Closed on Monday-*National holidays are excepted.;Day after National holidays.;  Dec.29 – Jan.3    (and others)
Admission fee Free


Great collection work of Mino-ware which are made by local potters are on display.We hope you to enjoy classic Mino-ware to modern ones.

  • Exhibition rooms 1

  • Special exhibition rooms


We have artistic Mino-ware work to daily use ones for sale at reasonable price.

  • Exhibition rooms 2

  • Exhibition rooms 3

Pottery-making studio

Would you like to make your original potteries?We have a studio where anyone can try making potteries or drawing on unglazed potteries.

Open hours 9:30~12:00,13:00~16:00
Days closed Closed on Monday-*National holidays are excepted.;Day after National holidays.;Dec.29 – Jan.3   (and others)
Your choice
  • Making Potteries
  • 1)By Potter’s wheel
  • -You can shape potteries by using a potter’s wheel and your hands.(Welcome to beginners)
  • 2)Handmade
  • -You can shape potteries as you like by using your hands.
  • Drawing on unglazed potteries
  • (All potteries will be finished as Oribe ware)-You can draw as you like on unglazed potteries.
  • “Making Potteries”(All prices shown per piece)
  • Japanese ter cups – 800yen up
  • Bowls for rice – 1,200yen up
  • Japanese ter bowls – 1,500yen up
  • Vases – 2,000yen up
  • and other more.
  • “Drawing on unglazed potteries”
  • Japanese tea cups – 600yen
  • Bowls for rice – 700yen
  • 6inches plates – 600yen
  • Coffee cups – 700yen

(S/H fee not included)

Completion Your potteries will be ready to pick up in about 60days.(Or we will send you your potteries by your request.Shipping/handling fee will be charged with your payment.
Notice Reservations sequired for all guests.
In case of damage,we will refund your payment.(We are not responsible for your handmade potteries.
S/H fee may vary according to the weight and the distance.(Address in Japan only)
For reservation or further infomation,please call;(0572)-55-5527.

Mino ceramic art village

Mino ware has a history of about 1,300years.During the years from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the early years of the Edo period,pottery reflected the taste of tea masters as tea ceremony grew in popularity.And outstanding tea utensils such as Shino,Kiseto and Oribe were produced.

Some ceramic artists still live in this village,concentrating on their work day and night.Takaneyama Old Kiln Site Park(Shino-no-Sato),tea-ceremony hall,promenade are also located in this village.

The main features of Mino ware


The features of Shino ware the thick feldspathic glaze which is translucent and milky in color and the simple and bold iron designs used as the underglaze.This pottery gives a simple and warm feeling.


Kiseto has a vivid green decoration (called Tan-Pan)of flowers and plants drawn in this lines. In general,Kiseto were has a thin and elegant shape.


The features of Oribe ware are the variety of designs and colors.The intricacy of the tea bowls that have been distorted into shapes,and the Muko-Zuke(small Japanese dishes)molded bowls,the natural scenes and geomatric designs,still give us a new view today even hundreds of years after they were made.

Ana-gama(Gotomaki gama)-kiln

There are many kinds of kilns for pottery.Ana kiln has a single-chamber with a small hole as a chimny on the top to give off smoke.This kiln has been producting many pieces of great work.
(*Ana = Hole)(*Gotomaki = Name of this area)


The first multiple chamber kiln in Mino region.It was designated as a national historical landmark in 1967, and is being preserved.

Access map

“Tokishi Mino-ware tradition Indutrial hall”is close to tourist attractions.

Time required by car

“Gotomaki”smart interchange About 2 min
Mino ceramic museum of history About 8 min
Toki city station About 10 min
Rest stop Shino,Oribe About 10 min
Toki Premium Outlets About 15 min
Terrace gate Toki”Matiyui” About 15 min
“Donburi”hall About 25 min